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Beat the Clock! A Time Management Tip That Keeps You Focused

I am a self professed bunny trailer. I physically and mentally hop around and as you can imagine focusing on thing at time can be extremely difficult and frustrating. In my mind there is just so much I want to do! My bunny trailing is in full effect when it comes to cleaning my house. I'll start in the kitchen and then wander off into the living room, and before I know it I'm in the bathroom. The problem is I end up not finishing any one room. It drives me crazy! That was until I found a time management tool that worked!

It isn't fancy, it's a timer! Setting a timer keeps me focused on the task at hand. I'm less likely to waste time, or get distracted when I'm aware that I have  a set 15 or 20 minute time limit to get finished what I started. I'm telling you it works! 

When I use the timer coupled with my To Do List I get so much more done than I even anticipate. The To Do List helps me prioritize my day because I can list my 3 top priorities, who I need to contact, if there is anything I need to purchase and throw in the time blocking and I am on my game! 

If you like to hop around like I do, try the timer and print out one of the To Do Lists. You will be checking items off your list in no time!

P.S. For you mommas, use the timer as a game with the kids when they are doing their chores around the house. It's a lot of fun trying to beat the clock!

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